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Tips On Saving Money In Department Stores

Department Store Shopping

Department stores have become a haven for getting all the items you need in one place. From clothes, accessories and apparel to furniture, office supplies and electronics, department stores are a very handy place to shop in. Because we may often buy items in a department store, it pays to know how to save money when we shop in them.

While shopping during sales is a well known way to save money in department store shopping, being in the know of when these sales will happen and even getting additional rebates on sales will let you be one step ahead of the crowd. To know more about how you can even save more when shopping, just read the article below.

Ways to Save Money at Department Stores

1.Store Credit – signing up for a store’s credit card can help you save even more. These credit cards can usually function as rewards or frequent shopper cards as well. You can get additional discounts on special events aside from the usual perks. Rebates are usually offered as well for purchases made in the store using in-house credit cards.

2.Frequent Shopper Card – these are rewards cards that let you earn points or credit every time you make a purchase. Once you’ve accumulated a certain number of points these can be claimed either as rebates, discounts or freebies. Some stores will usually need to you to purchase a minimum amount in order to qualify for the program but since you’re shopping there anyway, the cost can turn out to be minimal, if not free.

3.Mailing Lists – signing up for a mailing list allows you to get exclusive information on upcoming sales and promotions. They also may have special offers for those that sign up to the mailing list. This lets you be in the know first as well as have exclusive access to promotions and offers.

4.Double point days – Department stores will also offer double points on frequent shopper cards on certain purchases. This allows you to earn more rewards while still just spending the same amount of money.

5.Exclusive member sales – Being part of the frequent shopper program or the mailing list will usually allow you to exclusive sales which are for members only. You can get great discounts as well as offers for new items that the stores may carry.

6.Shop after Christmas – The days or weeks after Christmas are great days to shop. Department stores usually want to clear their inventory as fast as possible to make room for the new season line of items.

7.Coupons – Vouchers, discount offers and coupons from magazines and websites are great ways to increase savings. Some coupons can be used along with frequent shopper cards and sale events.

Enjoy Shopping Even More

The guide above shows you a way on how to get more savings and not have to fight with the sale crowd every time you go shopping. By following these tips, you’ll be able to shop at your convenience and get additional savings even when there aren’t any sale events. You can stretch your budget and even reward yourself a couple of times by knowing how to really save when shopping at department stores.

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Tips for going to Outlet Store

Outlet shopping provides great ways for you to buy name brand items at great discounts. From clothes to electronic these stores provide great buys at low costs. There are however some very useful tips that will help you make the most of your shopping experience.

10 Helpful Tips for Outlet Shopping

1.Do your Research

Know the outlet malls in your area. With the opening of several new outlets in the past few years, the nearest outlet store could be closer than you think. Also make sure to visit the outlet website ahead of time to make sure the stores you are looking for will be there.

2.Get coupon booklets

Some outlets sell coupon booklets at their customer service desk. These are a great way to save more. You can also make sure this is worth the purchase by asking to skim through the coupon book before you buy.

3.Commute or Carpool

Commuting or carpooling can save you more money on gasoline and parking fees. Carpools can be even better since you can use carpool lanes to get there faster. Having friends along can also make for a better time as you can search the stores faster and get better finds.

4.Compare with Retail Prices

While an outlet store can give you great discount, it is always best to know retail prices. You may think you’re getting a good deal but you may just be paying near the tag price. Buy the item when you know you are really saving a lot.

5.Buy smart, buy what you need

While stocking up on necessities is smart, buying unnecessary items just because they are on sale isn’t. Know what you want and stick to your budget. You can buy an item or two that you really want but don’t go overboard.

6.Leave Early

Especially on the weekends or when there are sales or specials. You do need to beat the traffic as well as the crowds which will frequent these stores. Try to scout earlier for items you like and grab these items early on when they are on greater discount. If you can’t go early you may want to try going on a weekday.

7.Save more by packing your lunch

A whole day of shopping can leave you hungry and thirsty. Food at the outlet malls can however be expensive. Pack a small snack and bring water to fuel you on your shopping trip.

8.Read the Return Policy

Items at outlets may sometimes have different return policies than regular items. Get to know what the policy is so you can be sure to replace or be refunded for defective items. For stores that are quite far, also ask if they can accept returns by mail.

9.Wear Comfortable Shoes

Outlet shopping can really take its toll on your feet. Wearing comfortable shoes will help you spend more hours at the mall. They can also save you from aching feet once you get home.

10.Read Online Reviews

Keep your expectations in check by reading online reviews before hitting the store. This will help you see if it’s worth the visit as well as what to look out for. Remember though that online reviews may vary so do take each with a grain of salt.

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